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welcome to outdoore construction and maintenance
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Landscaping & Lawn Care in Auburn, AL

Welcome to Outdoor Construction and Maintenance

We at Outdoor Construction and Maintenance want your landscape to be all you could dream of, and are here to help make it a reality by taking the hard work out of creating and maintaining your own private paradise in Auburn-Opelika, AL. Allow our team of professional landscapers to create an outdoor space you will love coming home to. Our landscapers can also help maintain your landscape so you can spend more time enjoying it and less working in it. Want to create more curb appeal or increase the value of your home? We can help! At Outdoor Construction and Maintenance, we want you to be satisfied, guaranteed!

While some homeowners in Auburn, AL realize the value of proper landscaping, most tend to overlook what good landscaping can do to their properties. Let our landscapers here at Outdoor Construction and Maintenance render quality lawn care and landscape maintenance services, and start reaping the benefits of landscaping that go beyond beauty.

Increase not just the beauty but also the overall value and functionality of your Auburn, AL home with high-quality lawn care and landscape services of Outdoor Construction and Maintenance. The average homeowner may fail to realize how a landscaped property can increase a home’s overall value. As a professional landscape contractor, we at Outdoor Construction and Maintenance understand that good landscape can increase your home’s value to up to 200%.

Outdoor Construction and Maintenance’s trademark landscaping services can also increase your home’s functionality. A carefully drafted and designed yard allows for extra living space. Create an outdoor extension of your home by designating areas for recreation, cooking and dining in your landscaped backyard.

Whether you’re after adding aesthetic appeal, overall value or functionality to your home, expect Outdoor Construction and Maintenance to help you achieve your goal. With our expert landscapers to provide excellent landscaping and lawn care services, any home would sure turn sweet.

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save water
Many irrigation systems need periodic adjustments to ensure the system is watering the lawn and not the street, also check your system for leaks or broken sprinkler heads.

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sign up
Fall is a great time to sign up for lawn maintenance for next year. Plus with with our pre-payment plan you can receive significant savings!

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